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San Diego will be 1 of the first cities to use new treatment for Alzheimer’s disease

Exciting breakthrough for Alzheimer’s!

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FDA advisers vote that lecanemab shows benefit as an Alzheimer’s treatment

‘’The Alzheimer’s drug lecanemab has received unanimous support from an advisory panel for the US Food and Drug Administration, which deemed it to have ‘clinical benefit’ for the treatment of the disease. This positive vote paves the way for the medication to be considered for full FDA approval. Lecanemab, known as Leqembi, is one of the first drugs that appears to slow cognitive decline in dementia patients by targeting amyloid beta. Patient groups and experts hope that this milestone decision will ensure access to FDA-approved therapies without barriers, similar to treatments for other serious conditions. The FDA is expected to announce its decision by July 6.’’

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Simufilam aids cognition in 47% of Alzheimer’s patients in Phase 2 study

A Phase 2 clinical trial of simufilam, an experimental medication for Alzheimer’s disease, showed cognitive benefits in nearly half of the patients after one year of treatment. The medication was particularly effective for those in the early stages of the disease. Simufilam also demonstrated positive effects on depression and dementia-related behaviors. Phase 3 trials are currently enrolling participants to further investigate the safety and efficacy of simufilam. The goal is to develop an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s, a progressive disease characterized by memory loss, confusion, and cognitive decline.

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