First contact

Please fill out the online appointment request form. A member of our team will contact you as soon as possible to conduct a short telephone evaluation.

While filling out this online application is the best way to reach us, you can also contact us by phone during business hours.


During this call, someone from our team will take a few minutes to discuss your interest in participating in a clinical trial. They will answer your questions and you can discuss any concerns you may have about your memory. They will also ask you questions about your general health.

Following these questions, if you are still eligible and show interest in participating in one of our clinical trials, we will schedule you for an initial clinic evaluation.

Initial Assessment

(no cost and fully confidential service)


Medical Questionnaire and Medication Review

You will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire upon your arrival and provide a list of your medications. These will be reviewed with you by a member of our team. You will also be asked other questions about your lifestyle, medical history, and overall health.


Memory Concerns and Other Cognitive Changes

We will collect information about any potential memory concerns and cognitive changes you have noticed and how these changes impact your daily functioning. To ensure a complete evaluation, we ask that you bring someone who is close to you to the appointment. This individual would need to answer questions about your memory, thinking, and daily functioning. This process will allow us to gather all the information necessary to detect cognitive deficits. The accompaniment of a care partner, while not required, is strongly recommended.


Memory Assessments

To help detect any changes in your functioning, you will be given a few standardized cognitive tests. While some may find memory assessments stressful, we do our best to provide a calm and relaxing environment to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible.

The above-outlined steps allow our medical team to understand any potential difficulties you or your loved one may be experiencing.

File review and discussion of the potential plan

The results of the assessments and your medical history will determine whether you are eligible to participate in one of our ongoing clinical trials. The medical team will review your file and together determine if clinical research is a good choice for you.

Clinical Trial Overview and Consent

If you are still eligible and you indicate your interest in continuing, the most suitable clinical research program will be presented to you, based on your interest, time availability, and overall health. The requirements of the research program (number of appointments, availability of the patient and the accompanying person, etc.) as well as the broad outlines of the program (objectives, treatments, examinations, adverse effects, and possible benefits) will be thoroughly explained. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions and speak to a physician.

You will be given the corresponding consent forms to read at home and discuss with your partner, which outline the clinical research program and requirements in detail.

At your request, a next appointment can be scheduled immediately to begin the clinical trial, or you can contact us once you have made a decision.

IMPORTANT: People who benefit from the services of the Memory Clinic understand that their participation in the various research programs is voluntary. They may terminate their participation at any time without prejudice.

Start of the clinical trial